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Cooperative purchasing streamlines the procurement process for government agencies and allows them to purchase goods and services through an established, inter-local contract that has already gone through the competitive solicitation process and vetted by the cooperative. This saves your organization time and money!

Infrastructure Rehabilitation is proud to have been awarded a contract from Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA). To take advantage of this contract, you just need to sign up as a Member with the agency. Membership is free, simple, and the agency will walk you through step by step during the process.

What are the advantages of using this kind of contract?

  • Reduces the time and costs governmental agencies spend on solicitations.
  • Contracts have been awarded by virtue of the competitive bid process and are compliant with all state and local statutes.
  • Agencies are able to purchase "Best Value" services from reputable contractors.

Information On Our Cooperative Purchasing Solutions

Infrastructure Rehab USA is proud to be a trusted vendor of Purchasing Cooperative of America.

Contract #: PCA OD-368-22. Our contract # must be included in all purchase orders.

PCA streamlines the procurement process saving governmental agencies time and money. Who qualifies to become a member of PCA?


Local, state, and federal government agencies


Mostly all educational institutions


Indian tribal governments and entities


All non-profit and non-taxed organizations

How To Become a PCA Member?

Membership is free and signing up is easy! Visit the PCA website for more information.

What Are Benefits Of Using a PCA Contract?

Save yourself the time of the conventional purchasing process and get your projects started sooner.

Choose from a wide variety of sewer evaluation and trenchless rehabilitation services.

Get contract support from PCA contract managers.

Work with vendors you trust.

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